The alternator, put in rotation by the motor, produces a sinusoidal electrical current with variable frequency that depends on the rpm of the engine; the inverter, as a function of the applied external load, makes that the motor control changes the speed of the motor such as to maintain always the value most suit according to the load. The remote panel allows you to control the system and view the status.

Complete kit including the motor designed by our subsidiary RGN technology, also it includes injection management

Inverters for generators

3kW inverter example designed by Microtec on custumer's specifications (power, functionality, dimensions) combined with a motor control board (designed by Microtec) and control panel (designed by customer), CAN communication

Motor / generator control unit

Management of sensors and actuators for the complete control of the generator system, it also includes management of a stepper motor to adjust the fuel according to the load applied


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