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Microtec is a dynamic company established in 1997, as a result of the passion of its founders for electronics as engeneering in the automotive area Over the years, Microtec has strengthened and specialised its business, increasing its skills and the quality of its products, inserting an internal production department and expanding areas of activity Microtec currently designs, industrializes and produces electronic, ranging from industrial and civile sector to the automotive ones. Even the negative effects of the global economic crisis, Microtec has been able to achieve excellent results, thanks to a continuous increase in efficiency, care for the customer and improvement of the products quality.

In 2015, Microtec obtains also ISO 9001: 2015 by the prestigious British institution BSI


Microtec is a dynamic company with great potential and flexibility at 360° combined with high expertise, enabling it to move in different areas: civil electronics, industrial and automotive


Microtec has its roots in the competitions and then in the most advanced research; here comes the Microtec philosophy: use competitions as test bench where to develop new technologies that we can then move on into mass production. The know-how such specialized allows to Microtec to design, starting from precise specifications, any kind of electronics: power and / or digital, programming all types of microprocessors, from 8 to 32 bits


Microtec works with companies of size so important and ambitious projects that drive daily to engineer and industialize their products to the best. The "painstaking" research allows us to optimize costs without compromising the quality and find the best balance between development costs and production costs according to the type and area of application


Microtec believes strongly that to give a product always of high quality and reliability, you must produce it and test it internally, with the best technology: here the necessity to have internally both the technology SMD assembly and PTH assembly


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